Castle Fanatics' Equipment Guide

01 - Helmet To avoid headaches when exploring confined spaces.

02 - Lamp Useful when viewing garderobe chutes.

03 - Spectacles You need to look knowledgeable.

04 - Beard Adds to the kudos factor. Not required by ladies.

05 - Pipe Adds to the kudos factor. Optional for ladies.

[NB - Ideally, the tobacco should be a subtle blend of old socks and yak dung.]

06 - Compass For finding your way to the village pub.

07 - Pullover Preferably cable-knit and a Christmas present from an elderly aunt.

08 - Corduroy trousers (Or skirt for the ladies). Denim is NOT acceptable.

09 - Boots Steel toe-caps are very useful on uneven steps and for testing the strength of walls.

10 - Flask Of tea or coffee.

11 - Sandwiches Filled to your choice.

12 - Rucksack With extra flasks, sandwiches etc.

13 - Gadget bag With cameras, lenses, film etc. This is an ESSENTIAL item.

14 - Umbrella This is Britain.

15 - Maps Optional. It's much more fun getting lost.

16 - Guide books Only used for settling disputes with other castle fanatics.

Castle Hunter's Equipment