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The Good Castle Guide is an ongoing attempt to list all the fortified sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These are not limited to just medieval castles, but range from prehistoric defensive ditches to twentieth century artillery batteries. There are over 2000 entries, so far.

Each individual entry has its own data-page containing an address, Ordnance Survey grid reference, a brief description, and details regarding visitor access and facilities where these are known.

A number of the entries have one or more photographs. These can be accessed from the data-pages themselves, or by selecting the "PHOTO GALLERIES" menu.

Other sections of the Guide contain various explanatory articles which may help the novice castle-hunter (and will probably irritate the expert!), a glossary, links to related websites and useful addresses. Use the "ARTICLES & MISCELLANY" and "HELPFUL STUFF" menus for these.

ACCESS THE ENTRIES FOR EACH COUNTRY BY FIRST USING THE "SELECT COUNTRY" MENU. The entries are held in a database and can be listed using a number of indexes ("Alphabetical", "County", etc.). Please note: The buttons/menus for these indexes will become available when you "enter" a country.

Apology! To make my life a lot simpler "Ireland" covers both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and "England" covers places that are not, strictly speaking, part of England, such as the Isle of Man. This has nothing to do with politics but is solely about keeping the site manageable from a programming point of view. Who knows, things may change in the future!

To make the Guide even better, please don't hesitate to contact Electrobaconics with your comments and any information which will help to fill the many gaps!

Please let me know if you have any problems navigating this latest incarnation of the Guide, or if your particular browser does anything weird or wonderful with it. (I am testing everything on a number of browsers to try to eliminate any unexpected glitches.)

Enjoy your visit!

(For the technically-minded: as this website is now hosted on a Linux server, the indexes are powered by a MySQL database with PHP.)